User Manual


Getting Started

INFINI WEB online Trading Platform is part of the INFINI Trading Solutions launched exclusively for Traders and Investors who look for EXE like features in a Web Based Trading Platform. This is a HTML 5 based trading platform that is intuitive and rich in features.

The INFINI Trading Solutions pack is available upon subscription. To know about how to subscribe and the pricing, Click Here 

Exclusive Features Of INFINI Web

  • Easy to use Single screen web based platform for trading in Equity, F&O , Currency & Commodities segments across 3 exchanges, viz, NSE, BSE and MCX.
  • Configurable workspace gives you the freedom to choose your trading screen layout and color.
  • Place limit, market, SL- Limit, SL – Market, Bracket Order and Cover Orders with super ease Quick BUY/SELL/EDIT/CANCEL order options.
  • Detailed order book with order history
  • Easy position square off and product conversion options.
  • Sell your Depository stocks in one click.
  • On screen Trading and Analytics dashboard.
  • Common Watchlist between different trading platforms such as EXE, WEB and MOBILE .
  • More than 20 pre-defined watch list on various indices across NSE , BSE and MCX exchanges.
  • More than 10 pre-defined sectorial watch list on various indices across NSE , BSE and MCX exchanges.
  • One touch access to Back Office reports, Profile, Payin, Payout, Online MF & IPO
  • Futures and Options chain – first time ever on web trading platforms
  • Best in class charting platform with more than 80 indicators, 7 different chart types to choose from, 6 different time scales
  • On screen and Live scrip statistics, resistance and support levels, intra-day price snapshot
  • Advanced analytics with Live Scanners and EOD technical reports

Welcome Emails

After you have signed up for an account with Tradeplus, you will receive welcome on-board mails.

The first email is a welcome mail from NAVIA Markets, which will provide you with Unique Client Code (UCC) and it provides a link clicking on which you will be guided on our various products and services.  It also enlightens you on how to access your backoffice reports.

You will also receive a mail from [email protected] with login credentials if you have opted for equity/currency trading.

The second email will guide you in activating your trading account. It has all the links and instructions to get started.

First Login

To login to your INFINI Web account for the first time, use the link: . This will take you to the Login page

On the login screen, you need to enter the username and login password provided in any one of the welcome emails and click on submit button. If Then it will ask for PIN. When you log in for the first time you have to set a PIN of your choice which should be of 6 digit numerical PIN.  Once you set a PIN, a pop up window will appear asking you to re-login. Press “OK” and it will take you back to the login page.  Please remember the PIN you have set, because each time when you login you need to enter the PIN along with UCC and login password.

In case you forget the PIN please mail to our support team at [email protected] or call 044-49427576/ 044-28214171 to rest the PIN. Also note that three wrong attempts will block your account and it will be reset on your request and a mail will be sent to your registered email id once it is reset. 

If you want to login again and trade enter your login password and click “Submit”. Then enter the PIN you have set when you logged in for the first time and click “Submit”. 

In case you forget the login password, you can click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ hyperlink on the bottom. This will take you to a form where you have to fill the fields with your username, email address and PAN number and click submit and you will receive the new reset password in your registered email id.

After successful first-time login, you will get an option to reset the account password. Here you can give a strong password following all the rules listed down on the page for secure login.

On clicking submit, you will be on the INFINI Web Trading Homepage. 

Market Watch

INIFIN WEB platform offers unique market watch features that serves the investors better.

This online trading platform gives you the option to maintain 5 different watch lists-CM (common market watchlist), W1, W2, W3 and W4

Universal Search Option

You can now add scrips which you wish to monitor in market watch using the universal search box that is loaded with scrips from all exchanges – NSE, BSE and MCX.

On typing the scrip name in the box all relevant results appear. You can pick a scrip from the results and use the + button to add the scrip to your selected watchlist.

Common Market Watchlist

It is a special watch list among the others, which can store more than 20 scrips and also syncs the list across the platforms on Web, EXE and Mobile. This cool feature helps in maintaining a watchlist common to any platform that you use. Each watch list can take up to 20 scrips.

IDX Watchlist

INFINI WEB enables you to maintain a watchlist for specific index. This section is available on the top right side of the single screen trading platform.

You can select an exchange and all the indices in the exchange get populated on your Index watchlist space.

Pre Defined Watchlists

This option allows you to create a watchlist based on all the scrips in a predefined list belonging to an Index or a sector. Click on the watchlist name you have already loaded in market watch page which you can see beside the search icon on the top left corner of the screen. You need to select an exchange (NSE or BSE) and select an index (NIFTY 50 or NIFTY IT etc) or pick a sector (Oil and Gas or Food and Beverages etc) and all the scrips in that watchlist get populated in your selected watchlist space. There are more than 30 predefined watchlists compiled for your convenience. You can easily follow scrips belonging to your interested category and compare them with each other.

Index Watch Banner

This is the panel on top of the window that displays three indices that are monitored regularly. You can change the indices appearing at this panel by using the drop down icon available at the left hand side of the panel.  Select the indices of your choice and press “Confirm” and the indices you have selected will appear on the panel.  Please note, while select the indices, only 3 indices can be selected.  Hence to change the indices, first deselect the indices and then select the new indices you want to have on the panel.

Market Watchlist Section

This section displays all the scrips you add on to the selected watchlist (CM , W1, W2, W3,or W4). On hovering on any scrip, you will find buttons that let you do operations like view scrip Information, Market breadth, Buy scrip, Sell scrip, or delete the scrip from the watchlist.  You will also find one more option which is presented as 3 dots”…” which you can use to set alert on your favourite stock. Read more here on set alert facility.

A new feature is added to your watchlist.  This feature marks the stocks that are in your demat account with a symbol at the right side of the name of the scrip as shown in below image with an arrow.

On click of any scrip, the scrip statistics, Charts and Resistance and Support details for that particular scrip will get updated on the sections below the market watch window.


INFINI WEB user interface enables you to add funds and withdraw funds from your account with ease. You can check the availability of your current balance anytime and also have a track of it. If you lack sufficient balance in your trading account, You can add funds in few easy steps and continue trading.

Add Funds

Step 1: Log in to your INFINI WEB Account

Step 2: On the top right corner of the page, you will find a rupee symbol.

Step 3: Click on it and Limits pop up box appears. Here you can view the details of the funds available in all segments activated in your account.

Step 4: Select “Add Funds” and you will be taken to tradeplus payment gateway page. Here you select your bank, segment for which you want to transfer funds and enter the amount you wish to transfer and click “Submit”.

Step 5: On click of submit you will be redirected to your bank’s net banking page. Do the needful proceedure to log in to your net banking account and proceed with the transaction

Step 6: You must not refresh the page until the below message is displayed, regarding the details of the transaction.

Step 7: Once the fund transfer is done the transferred amount will be reflected under the column “Pay-In Amt” in the limits pop up window in the trading platform.

Withdraw Funds

Step 1:

Follow Steps 1 to 3 from above procedure

Step 2: Click on the Withdraw Funds button

Step 3: You will be taken to Tradeplus Funds Page. Enter details and click on Submit.

Now the system will show the timelines for withdrawal request processing based on the segment you are selecting, and Click on Proceed to place the request

In case you want to check the status or modify your request for fund withdrawal, Select the Check Status/Modify button on top of the window

This will open a pop up where you can see status, and also modify the editable fields to change the request details. Then click on update button and this will change the request details accordingly. The modify option is available only when the status is pending

You can delete the request to withdraw funds altogether by clicking on the Delete button on this status box

Step 4: The fund withdrawal process is carried out on basis of predetermined timelines. Click here to know timelines for withdrawal request processing.

Place Order

Placing orders on INFINI WEB is seamless since the interface is user friendly. After logging in to your account, you will see the market watch screen. Here you will find all the scrips you have added to monitor. when you hover over a scrip, you can see buttons attached to each scrip – M,I,B,S and Delete and three dots. The ‘B and ‘S’ buttons are for buy and sell respectively.

Buy/ Sell Order

On click of ‘B’ for a scrip you will see the Buy order form. Here you can place your desired order by using the options.

On The Header of the form you will see buy or sell as per your trade action, scrip name, exchange name and the Live trading price.


Drop down offers options for placing a Simple Order, After Market Order (AMO), Bracket Order and a Cover Order

Simple Order : Plain order. No complexity attached.

After Marker Order (AMO) : This order allows you to place an order for stocks after market hours. The orders get queued up and will be sent out once the market opens the following day. Read more here.

Bracket Order : A Bracket Order is a limit order that is placed along with a stop loss order and a target order.  It has one more special feature “Trailing stop loss) which enables the trader to trail the profit by increasing the stop loss as the price moves in the direction of his/her trade. Read more here.

Cover Order :  A Cover Order is a market or limit order that is placed along with a Stop Loss Order. In a Cover Order the buy/sell order is always accompanied with a compulsory Stop Loss order in a specified range as pre-defined by the system. These orders give you higher leverage by ensuring that you place a stop loss. This is beneficial only for intra-day trades. Generally the cover order gives you more leverage than MIS (intra day product type and you require up to 50% less margin for trading. Read more here.

Order Type

Drop down lets you choose from Limit, Market, SL Limit, SL Market

Limit order: A limit order lets you place an order to buy/sell at a specified price. A limit order to buy can only be executed at the specified limit price or lower. Conversely, A limit order to sell will be executed at the specified limit price or higher.

Market: A market order is a buy/sell order to be executed immediately at current market price.

Stop Loss Limit: This is an order placed to sell a security when it reaches a certain price called trigger price. A stop-loss order is designed to limit an investor’s loss on a position in a security. In this you need to give both limit price and trigger price.

Stop Loss Market: A stop loss market order is a type of stop loss order where the final order is executed at market price once the stock reaches the trigger price. While entering the stop loss market order, since the order to be traded is a market order one needs to give just the trigger price.


Drop down lets you select from the products we offer- NRML, MIS, CNC and MTF.

Normal (NRML) Order : NRML order is a normal order type under which a trader can either sqaure off the trade during the day or carry forward the position to the next day.  NRML product is applicable while trading Equities (cash)/Equity Derivatives/Commodities and currency derivative.

Margin Intraday Square (MIS) Order : MIS order is an intrady order.  MIS orders generally needs less margin as the order will be automatically squared off by the system anytime during the last 30 minutes of the trading hours.  Hence, traders are required to square off the position well before.

MIS order applies to all intra-day positions you take while trading Equities (cash)/Equity Derivatives/Commodities and currency derivative.

Cash and Carry (CNC) Order : CNC order type is used for buying or selling stocks for delivery.  When a trader wishes to sell a stock from his demat account he can use CNC order type.  Similarly, he can use CNC order if he buys a stock with the idea of holding it. CNC order type is aplicable only while trading equity (cash) for delivery and no leverage is given under this product.

Margin Trade Funding (MTF) : MTF is a facility where one can trade with partly borrowed funds from the stock broker.  One can use MTF order type if he/she wishes to buy a stock under MTF or sell a stock that is bought under MTF. Read more on MTF here.

Time In Force (Order Validity)

A trader can set the validity of the order as “Day” or “IOC”.

Day : When a trader selects “Day” his order will be open throughout the trading hours until it gets executed when the stock reaches the price he entered.  Please note that unless otherwise specified, every order is a Day order

Immediate or Cancel (IOC) : As the name suggests the order either gets executed immediately after it is placed or it gets cancelled.  This is a price and time based conditional order where the order gets executed if the stock trades at the price mentioned in the order at the time of placing the order or else the order gets cancelled.  However, partial match of the order is possible in which case only the unmatched portion gets cancelled.

Apart from the above the order form has fields Quantity, Price, Trigger Price and Disclosed Quantity.

All orders can be found in the order book under Trading tab. As long as the order is not in ‘complete’ status, you can modify or cancel your order using the buttons corresponding to the orders in open or trigger pending status in order book.


We do provide leverage on Intraday trading (Product code MIS/CO/BO) and to know more about the products available for trading and the Exposure/margin required for trading in various segments of the exchanges for both delivery and Intraday Click here.

Order Book

Once an order is entered, you can view it in the order book that is available on the right side of the panel at the top of the trading screen.  Order book is denoted with an icon which is similar to a page of a book. In the order book, you can view the orders that are complete, pending or open, trigger pending and rejected.

Order history – Order book has other enhanced features such as order history and search a scrip.  To view the order history all you have to do is to click on the clock like icon which appears when you take the cursor to the scrip name in the order book.  The order history shows you the details of all the orders you have entered for that particular scrip.

Search a scrip option in the order book will help you to filter out the orders that are pertaining to a particular scrip.  This feature is useful for traders who trade heavily in more number of scrips.

Modify an Order

To modify an order that is not yet completed, you can click on the pen like icon that appears when you take the cursor to the scrip name in the order.

Square off

Squaring off the position can be done from the “Position” window.  To square off your position click on the “SQ” icon that appears when you take the cursor on the scrip. On clicking “SQ” icon the postion gets squared off at market price.

Position Conversion

To convert positions of completed orders, go to the positions tab. Here you will find all completed orders.

On hovering over a scrip you will find options for converting the position and to square-off the order.

Click on ‘CN’ to open the conversion box. The box displayed below is the position conversion box where you can choose from the dropdown, an order type you want to convert to` and give the quantity. The maximum quantity that is available in completed orders is displayed in this box. You can only give a quantity lesser than or equal to the quantity given in the ‘Maximum quantity’. After providing the desired selection and details, click on Convert button.

On Click of convert, the order gets converted immediately and you can see the changes reflected on the order under the positions tab

You can convert this position back to what it was using the same procedure.

Click here to watch the video on Bracket Order

Click here to watch the video on Cover Order

Stop Loss Order

A stop loss order is placed to limit the loss on a position.  The stop loss order gets executed once the stock reaches a certain price called the trigger price.  So, while entering a stop loss order a trigger price has to be entered at the space provided for.

In the order book you can see all your positions under the positions tab. You can place a sell stop loss order on this by going to my market watchlist, selecting the scrip and clicking on the S button corresponding to the scrip. This will open the Sell order form. I select quantity, and SL limit or SL market from the ‘order type’ drop down menu.

If you choose a stop loss limit order you have to give both limit price and trigger price. As and when the trigger price is breached, the order is sent to the exchange as a limit order. If you choose a stop loss Market order you have to give only the trigger price. As and when the trigger price is breached, the order is sent to the exchange as a market order and the order gets executed at market price

For example when I place a SL market order for a stock and I select the order type “SL market” from the drop down, limit price text box gets disabled. I will enter a trigger price and click on sell.  This order will reflect in the order book with a status ‘trigger pending’ until the trigger price is breached. As long as the status is “trigger pending” you can modify your order

Click here to watch the video on “Setting Stop Loss”

Charting on INFINI Web

INFINI Web is incorporated with advanced charting facilities “Trading view charts” for the purpose of analytics. Over 80 indicators, 7 different chart types, 6 different time scales and 19 drawing tools. 

You can find the chart icon on the top panel of the market watch section where list of pre-defined watchlist appears. You will have to select a scrip and click on the charts symbol to open charting analysis for the selected scrip.

As you move through the chart you will be able to see the open, high, low, close, volume and percentage change in price over previous day at the top of the chart.  By default the cross hair is enabled and you can disable by clicking on the cross hair icon at the left panel of the chart. There is also a Zoom in / Zoom out option available for the charts.

Charting Scales

Charting in Infini Web provides two different charting scales – absolute price and percentage.  You can toggle between both by using the toggle option provided at the right bottom of the chart as highlighted in the below screnshot.

Charting Intervals

By default charts open with 1 min time interval. You can change the time interval from 1 min to up to 1 month. At the left hand bottom you will see the time scale options for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 6 months, 1year and 3 years.

You can find one more option as “Go to” which provides the facility to view the price movement on a particular past day.

Chart Style

By default the chart type is candle. There are 7 different chart types available to choose from. You can select any one from the dropdown on the top panel and analyse the charts conveniently.

Indicators and Studies

Charting on INFINI Web provides more than 100+ indicators and chart studies. You can scroll down and select an indicator of your choice. You can save a chart studies as templates for future analysis.  Load the indicator you wish to track and save the chart with a name by clicking on the “Templates” option provided on the top panel.  The template you have saved with a particular indicator can be loaded on charts of any other scrip also.

Volume Profile Chart

By default the chart loads with Volume profile at the bottom section. You can remove it if you do not need it by clicking the “x” mark provided at the top left corner just below the name of the scrip.  And you can anytime load it again by selecting it from the indicator drop down menus.

Multiple Chart Pop-ups

If you want to plot a chart for more than one scrip at a time, you can use the pop-up icon provided at the top right end of the chart panel.  The pop option will open a new browser tab and there you use the “compare” option to plot multiple chart.  In the “compare” window select the option “Add Symbol” and type the symbol of the scrip you want to plot and also untick the option “overlay the main chart” and press enter key.  The multiple charts will be plotted on the screen as shown in below screenshot.

Scrip Compare

You can also compare one scrip with another to visualize relative performance of the scrips for selected charting frames. Click on the “Compare” menu provided on the top panel and you will find a pop up window.  Type the stock name you want to compare with and select it. The chart will be loaded on top of the existing chart as shown in the below image.

Drawing Tools

There are a variety of advanced drawing tools in-order to provide you utmost analytical competence. You can find the various drawing tools in the left panel of the chart. Select the one you need and enjoy drawing and identifying the exciting patterns on the chart.

Chart Themes

You can customize the charts themes as per your choice.  A star like icon is provided at the top right corner of the chart on which if you click you will find various chart properties that you can set.  You can change the background colour, bar styles and colour etc.

Basic Account Options

Here you can view and edit basic account details pertaining to your trading account.  Find the profile icon on the top right corner of the window.

The Profile drop down menu contains the following options


On click of the profile option a pop up box appears with all your account information displayed for viewing. This has your Account details, Bank details and personal details submitted while opening your account.

Client Dashboard

This option will take you to your Back Office account available on the tradeplus website. Here you can view all historical reports and ledger, and invest in IPO, mutual funds, manage your subscription under SMP, add or withdraw funds, edit profile, transfer collateral to your MTF account and more.


The bell shaped icon on the top banner of the window will display notifications that are useful to clients. You will find categories – user, admin and exchange indicating the source of the notifications.  And “Exchange Status” displays the exchanges where trading hours are still running at the time of your view.

Dual Workspaces

We provide users an option to have two cool workspaces that gives a customized online trading experience.

  1. Comprehensive Workspace
  2. Chart and Trade Workspace

These are designed keeping in mind different traders who prefer their trading space to be according to their needs.

By default, the comprehensive workspace is displayed to the user on login. To switch to another workspace all you have to do is click on the icon on the right side of the top panel as shown with an arrow in the below screenshot.

Comprehensive Workspace

We offer clients a complete workspace with various analysis sections such as scrip market watch, index market watch, trade book, order book, holdings, positions, scrip chart, scrip statistics, RS levels, Index chart, all in one screen.

You can add scrips to any one of the 5 market watchlists, add indices to index watchlist, select a scrip and look at the chart, scrip statistics and RS level for the the scrip then analyse, buy and find your order in order book, after the order is processed, you can find the stock in your holdings. This workspace is suitable for clients who would like to view all the data in a single screen without needing to click on buttons.

Chart and Trade Workspace

This workspaces is designed in chart and trade theme that gives users an entirely new experience with the platform. This HTML 5 based  online trading space is rich in features and does not compromise on functionality.

Advanced charting facility is integral to this new workspace and is specially designed for traders who trade based on charting analysis.

Users can click on a scrip they are interested in and immediately the chart on the right hand side of the screen will get updated accordingly. There are various charting options that can be chosen by users to suit their level of understanding.

The new workspace clears out all the other data and highlights just the powerful charting functionality that is with INFINI Web.

On the new workspace you will find predominantly the market watch list on one side of the trading platform and charting on the other side. This will provide a clear view of charts, for users who depend on charting tools for trading in stocks.  Chart and Trade workspace looks like the below.

Dual Workspace On INFINI Web

You can switch to the default workspace anytime by clicking on the icon.

These two workspaces will serve all kinds of traders and gives a rich and comfortable trading experience like no where.

Change Password

You can change the password to your account anytime. This password will be changed for all the platforms you use on INFINI Trading Solutions. The Change password form gets displayed on the screen. Give your old password and then the new password and submit.


You can logout of your account on the web by clicking on the logout option in the profile menu. On click you will be sent to the login page. You can log in again  using the credentials the next time

IPO Investments

You have this option on INFINI Web to direct you to the IPO page on Tradeplus website. You can invest in IPOs from the tradeplus page for IPO investments

Mutual Fund Investments

This option on the profile menu will take you to the INFINI MF page for Mutual Fund investment by Tradeplus. We also provide a dedicated mobile app “Infini MF” for mutual fund investment.  Click here to download the app.

Mobile Trading


Tradeplus Online’s exclusive mobile trading platform INFINI Mobile! Clean & intuitive UI, light back-end for all your investment and trading needs. You can go ahead and download the app in

And     .


Open the app and you will get landed in to the login screen. Give the credentials provided to you for your INFINI Trading Solutions account. These credentials are common to all three platforms available in ITS – INFINI Power (EXE based desktop application), INFINI Web (Web Application), and Infini Mobile application. Enter your login ID and password and set your 6 digit numerical PIN and click “Submit”. Please note that three wrong attempts will block your account and it will be reset on your request and a mail will be sent to your registered email id once it is reset.

Market Watchlist – Common Watchlist

Once you login you will be taken to the Common market watchlist. This specific watchlist is common to all the platforms you use across INFINI Trading solutions. The scrips added to common market watchlist are present on all three platforms.

Other Watchlists

The other watchlists W1, W2, W3, W4 are common to the WEB and MOBILE version and not to the EXE version. You can also sort the scrips and % change in ascending/descending order.

Universal Search Box

The universal search box that we provide here lets you search for scrips you want to add to your watchlist that belong to any exchange – NSE, BSE, MCX. You can start typing the name of scrip and all relevant results get displayed. Choose a scrip and click on the ‘star’ symbol to add it to selected watchlist.

IDX Watchlist

At the end, you have the IDX option for index watchlist that lets you monitor all the indices in an exchange. Here are all the indices on NSE, you can change this to BSE. By just clicking on an index you can view the information such as 52 week high/ low, resistance and support levels, Index statistics and Advanced CHART button to view charts.


You can place orders using the various trading functionalities provided on this app. On your watchlist when you swipe left on a scrip you will find options such as “BUY”, “SELL” and chart icon attached to each scrip that help you in easy trading.  By clicking on the chart icon  you can view advanced chart of the scrip.  If you want to delete the scrip from the watchlist just long press on a scrip name and you will find the list of all scrips in the watchlist.  Select the scrip you want to remove and click on delete option at the top right corner of the screen.

Swipe A Trade

You can select a scrip on the Market Watch and swipe from right to left to place a BUY or SELL order. Alternatively you can also just click on the scrip to see Market Breadth Price (MBP) and place a BUY or SELL order from there.

Market Breadth

Click on the scrip name in your watchlist to view the market breadth and you will find the detailed MBP of the scrip. The market breadth screen contains the first five best bid/ask prices, details of traded quantity and volume, average traded price, open/high/low prices, daily price range (DPR) etc.  We provide one more advanced feature “Set Alert” in market breadth screen.

Set Alert

Set alert option is provided at the bottom of the market breadth screen.  This facility helps you to set price or event based alerts on your favourite stocks in the watchlist. Read more on set alert here.

Trading view charts

Trading view chart is integrated in Infini Mobile App to provide sophisticated charting and trading experience to our clients. A click on the option “Advanced chart” gives you access to trading view live charts.

The advanced chart comes with options of various indicators and time frames.  You can also select the chart type you want such as line chart or bar chart or candlestick charts.  Infini mobile brings you the best in class charting platform with numerous indicators, 7 different chart types to choose from, 6 different time scales and 12+ drawing tools for annotation. You can also compare one scrip chart with another scrip or with the index.

Special features of trading view charts gives you advanced information that helps you in analytics and the fascinating features adds to the excitement of trading experience.  Some of the special features are:

If you have identified any pattern in a chart, highlight the patterns with drawing tools which comes with colourful shading options.

Trading view chart allows to share your studies or findings on the chart with your friends with the option to share provided on the chart.

Compare your favourite scrip with related index or its peers to check its performance.

You can check the price movement of a scrip on a specified back date by just clicking on the “Go to….” option provided at the bottom of screen under the option “Date Range”.

There are lot more trading view chart features provided in mobile app which you can explore.

Place Bracket Order in Mobile

Watch the video on how to place, modify and exit a bracket order in Infini Mobile App here.

Orders/ Trades/ Portfolio

At the bottom of the watchlist you will find options such as “Markets”, “Orders” and “Portfolio”.

The menu “Markets” provides you the market statistics such as advance/ decline ratio, stocks that are trading at 52 week high or low, top gainers and loser, values and volume.

By clicking the menu “Orders” you can view the order book and trade book.

Under the menu “Portfolio” you can find three headings – positions, holdings and balance.  Under positions all the trades entered by you during the day will appear.  Under the menu “Holdings” you can find the holdings in your demat account with your investment at cost and at market value.  It provides the details of the notional profit or loss of your portfolio.  And the menu “Balance” shows you the fund balance in your trading account under equity and commodities segment separately and MTF account separately.  If you want to know the details of your limits such opening balance, funds used and free cash available you can view it by just clicking the small arrow provided at the right end of the segment balances.

Under the menu “Portfolio” we have also provided short cut menus for adding and withdrawing funds.  The add fund option takes you to the payment gateway for online fund transfer which is immediately updated onto the trading system.  And withdraw funds option takes you to the withdraw funds page in your dashboard where you can select the segment, bank and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

Funds Page

The Add fund option is also separately available under the navigation panel.

Markets Page

With Infini Mobile APP you can also get a range of analytics information. Once you Select the Analytics option “Markets” available at the bottom of the watchlist page, you can see Scanner reports, top gainer/losers /volume report and market statistics report. All these reports can be seen for NSE as well as BSE exchange.

Profile and password change

You can view your profile by clicking the option “Profile” available in the navigation panel.  Profile page contains your name, PAN, client id, mobile number and email id that you have registered with us.  And your bank details and the segments that are activated and the order types that are enabled in your account will also be available.

Change Password

The option to change your password is provided in your profile page at the top right corner.  By clicking on that you can set your new password.


The dashboard option will take you to your customized login page where you will find the options to invest in IPO/GSEC/Bonds and mutual funds. In addition to this you can carry on many other functions from your dashboard such as edit profile, transfer collateral to margin trade funding (MTF), access subscription management portal (SMP) etc. By logging in to the backoffice you can have access to all your account statements and reports.

Refer a friend

With just a click you can reap the benefits of referring a friend or a relative to Tradeplus.  You can refer by using the option “refer a friend” at navigation panel instantly.

Mutual Fund

We have integrated mutual fund investment page with the Infini Mobile App to provide you one point of access to all your investment options.  The option “Mutual fund” in the navigation panel gives you the easy access to direct mutual funds investment.  Click here to download Infini MF app.


All the notifications sent to you through the trading terminal will be available in notification center provided under the option “Notification” in the navigation panel.  Here you can see user messages like orders/trades, admin, and exchange messages. You can also see exchange status to see which exchanges are currently open or closed.

User Manual

Anytime you can access the Infini Mobile App user manual to know more on the features available in the app by just clicking the option “User Manual” in the navigation panel.

Latest Updates

This option takes you to our blog section where you can check the latest updates done to Infini Mobile App.

Log Out

You can log out using this button here. On logging out you will be sent to the login page, where you have to log in again to start trading with your INFINI Trading solutions account on your phone.

To open an account contact support and for further queries email to [email protected]